RAD Pattern

Realize the full potential of
your data.

Take a minute, press play,
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This is RAD.  PUn Intended.

RAD is a cloud-based SaaS that provides restaurant concepts with accurate, meaningful, and insightful analytics at their fingertips. This enables impactful, data-driven decision making.

Previously, only the McRestaurant’s of the world had the systems and resources to uncover the deep insights RAD provides. With RAD, any restaurant concept can be data-driven. That’s RAD – pun intended.

Enterprise Data Foundation

RAD transforms transactional systems into an enterprise, restaurant-specific data warehouse purpose built for reporting and analytics.

Comprehensive Reporting

Built on the enterprise data foundation, RAD delivers tailored reporting and analytics to the masses, establishing a common language across all levels of the organization. That’s enterprise analytics for everyone.


Beyond basic reporting, RAD’s analytic layer builds on and decomposes raw source data in order to provide insightful metrics not previously seen in source systems.

Here's a Few Making Smart Decisions With Their Data Right Now.